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In order to drive results, we strive to stay in-the-loop and ahead of trends in our field. And yours. Here, you’ll find our insights on topics ranging from design, digital marketing and so much more. Let’s learn together.

Get the “Reel” story on your Instagram campaign’s performance

By now you know, Instagram Reels are some of the most engaged with (and engaging!) content on social media. Over 20% of Instagram users’ time is spent scrolling Reels, and nearly half of all profiles watch a Reel at least weekly! And Reels aren’t just watchable, they’re sharable. In fact, in Meta’s Q3 earnings call, the company revealed that Instagram users reshare Reels up to 1 billion (yes, with a B!) times a day through direct messages. That’s a huge opportunity to get in front of users who don’t already follow your brand. As Instagram Reels have grown this past [...]

How Instagram’s New Feature Makes Consistent Content a Breeze!

Marketers, rejoice! Content creators, celebrate! Instagram’s latest handy feature is making quality content and consistent posting easier than ever—and we can’t wait to leverage it. Recently, Instagram announced a new feature that allows users to schedule image posts, carousels, and Reels up to 75 days in advance, directly from the [...]

In 2023, search is out and social is in!

What does a precarious economy and decreasing consumer spending mean for the future of social media marketing? It’s more important than ever! In fact, in 2022, companies spent an estimated $67.4 billion on social media advertising. That shattered the previous record of $58.6 billion in 2021. And at this rate, [...]

In 2023’s Disruptive Market, CMOs Face These 3 Big Trends

CMOs: Are you feeling the pressure to perform? You’re not alone! As the economy becomes less certain and inflation becomes more disruptive, Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) across the country are scrambling to drive results and create customer value. If you’re feeling the pinch—and the pressure—here’s how you should respond to [...]

The Marketing Budget Mistakes We See (and solve!) Every Day

We can still hear our mother’s voice ringing in our ears, all these years later… Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know! And like always, she was right. Chances are, your business’ marketing budget doesn’t grow on a tree either—and you take every opportunity you can to maximize it. But [...]

3 Time-Hacking Tips for Social Media Marketing

Is it just us, or does time seem to fly by faster than ever?? It feels like there’s never enough hours in the day to be a parent, a business owner, a marketer, a social media manager, and every other role we fill. That’s why we love time hacks. If [...]

Nothing but Nurture: 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Leads and Sales

We may not be stock market pros or financial advisors, but we can give you a little investment advice that will help your business succeed in this new year! (Okay, it’s not exactly financial investment advice, but it’s just as valuable!) One of the best digital marketing strategies you can [...]

In 2023, Say Hello to Bright and Bold Graphic Design

If you read our last article about the importance of visuals—When It Comes To Marketing, How Important is Design?—you already know design plays a pivotal role in the success of your marketing campaigns. Here’s a quick recap of the impact eye-catching visuals have on your content: Businesses with well-designed content [...]

5 Major Digital Marketing Trends We’re Watching for 2023

At MediaSpark, our digital marketing experts never stop learning. We’re constantly tracking trends, watching developments, leveraging new tech and tools, and working to stay on the cutting-edge of marketing. Digital marketing is endlessly evolutionary— and that’s why we love it! Because we know you probably don’t spend hours on end [...]


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