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In order to drive results, we strive to stay in-the-loop and ahead of trends in our field. And yours. Here, you’ll find our insights on topics ranging from design, digital marketing and so much more. Let’s learn together.

Make This Social Media Marketing Report to End the Year Strong

At MediaSpark, we love winter. And not just because of the beauty of fresh snow, the warmth of a good cup of hot chocolate, or the joy that comes with having a house full of family and friends. Yes, there’s one thing we might love even more than holiday cheer….. A detailed report filled to the brim with valuable year-end data! We get it, we’re social media marketing nerds! But reviewing your social media platforms at the end of the year gives you so much great data. The kind that serves as an excellent launching pad for your 2023 strategy, [...]

3 Post-Sale Strategies That Leave a Positive Impression

It goes without saying, repeat customers are incredibly valuable for your business. They’re the loyal buyers, the heartfelt recommenders, the 5-star reviewers, and the backbone of small businesses in Omaha and across the country. In fact, just 15% of customers will buy again from the same business. But that small [...]

Who’s the Star of Your Marketing? You, or Your Customers?

Successful marketing is all about storytelling. Every piece of your marketing, from your logo and tagline to your paid ads and customer emails works together to create the story of your business. And what does every compelling story need at its center? A star character! And when it comes to [...]

3 Clever Holiday Advertising Strategies for Omaha Businesses

At MediaSpark, we love two things: Helping Omaha businesses develop amazing advertising campaigns, and the holiday season! That’s why we put together this quick overview of three high-impact advertising strategies your local business can use this holiday season to generate new revenue, find new customers, and grow! If you’re looking [...]

When It Comes To Marketing, How Important is Design?

If successful marketing is all about the words you use, the platforms you’re on, and the data you harness to make stronger, smarter decisions, you may be wondering…. Does design really matter? After all, you’ve probably had your company’s logo and color scheme for years. Add a few product pictures, [...]

5 Video Production Tips to Make an Incredible Marketing Video

Here at MediaSpark, we know a thing or two about high-quality, brand-building video production for businesses here in Omaha. And over the past several years, we’ve helped dozens of clients in a variety of industries upgrade their video production and become household names. Today, we’re spilling a few of our [...]

Business-Boosting Digital Marketing Strategies Include These 3 Elements

If your business isn’t investing in digital marketing (or you’re using the wrong strategies!), you’re leaving serious cash on the table. You already know we’re living in a completely digital world. Over 6.6 billion people now own a smartphone, and a full 85% of U.S. consumers go online every day. [...]

3 Cringe-Worthy Social Media Mistakes We See Businesses Make Every Day

Nothing can boost your business—or tank your brand reputation—quite like social media. The right post, video, or hashtag can make your brand go viral in a matter of days. But a poorly-timed tweet, misunderstood joke, or insensitive post can put a bad taste in your customers’ mouths they won’t soon [...]

Why THIS is Our Favorite Google Search Console Metric

Google Search Console. So much power packed into such a simple (free!) tool. Search Console is a data-tracking tool that allows website owners and administrators to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot their site based on its search performance and traffic. This tool is especially useful for businesses using a search engine [...]


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