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In order to drive results, we strive to stay in-the-loop and ahead of trends in our field. And yours. Here, you’ll find our insights on topics ranging from design, digital marketing and so much more. Let’s learn together.

Generative AI – Pros and Cons

What AI can–-and can’t—do for your business marketing plans.   Generative AI is on the rise.  Chatbots are on business web pages, ready to answer consumer questions, AI image generators are popping out promos, and ChatGPT is creating blogs and magazine articles for otherwise occupied business owners. Gone are the days of clunky-worded searches on Google littered with keywords and crossed fingers. Generative AI search is giving users real answers to actual questions. And it’s only getting smarter. But, it’s not perfect. Before you consider implementing AI into your business practices, you need to know what to expect—the good and [...]

The Ad Space Race: Find Your Audience—and Your Footing

How to rocket your business out of this world and navigate the ever-expanding digital ad space.   The digital advertising universe just got a little bigger.  Brands can now be searched for on Instagram and TikTok, and more ad spaces have opened up on ultra-popular commerce sites, ticketing platforms, and [...]

Will You ‘Press Play’ on the Top Digital Marketing Strategy of 2023?

Over the past few years, video content has shifted from a “nice-to-have” strategy support tool, to an essential element in every robust digital marketing plan. It’s one of the fastest-growing forms of content—and it’s dominating nearly every social media platform on the internet. Just how popular is a video-backed digital [...]

● How to Enhance Your Business’ Authenticity with User-Generated Content

These days, authenticity is the name of the digital marketing game. And the best way to appear authentic? Let your real customers do the talking. At least, that’s the key takeaway from the recent State of Social Media & User-Generated Content report by the community marketing platform TINT. According to [...]

These 4 Trends Prove SEO Can Still Drive Cost-Efficient (and Compounding!) Results

  If you’re looking for overnight growth or instant results…. search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t it. But that doesn’t make this slow-burn strategy any less valuable. SEO is one of the most potent slow-burn strategies you can invest in because it generates organic, cost-effective results by putting your brand right [...]

Attention Metrics: KPIs Built to Help You Cut Through the Clutter

  Every day, over 4,000 advertisements call out for our attention. Our devices, entertainment, and even our daily commute is cluttered by taglines, logos, jingles, and specials. But how many of these truly land? How many actually grab our attention and stick in our minds? That’s the exact question new [...]

These 5 Social Media Trends Are Gaining Traction in 2023

Welcome to the second half of the year! By now, key trends are clear, data is plentiful, and you have just enough time left before December 31 to lock in a game-changing, profit-driving social media strategy—the kind that can take 2023 from a so-so season to a resounding success. Over [...]

Are You Using This YouTube Ad ROI-Booster?

At MediaSpark, we’re all about time-saving tips and cost-effective features. That’s why, when Google rolled out new templates and automatic voice-overs for YouTube video ads, we had to be the first to try them! After a year of building high-converting and attention-grabbing YouTube ads, we’re thrilled to share the three [...]


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