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In order to drive results, we strive to stay in-the-loop and ahead of trends in our field. And yours. Here, you’ll find our insights on topics ranging from design, digital marketing and so much more. Let’s learn together.

These 5 Social Media Trends Are Gaining Traction in 2023

Welcome to the second half of the year! By now, key trends are clear, data is plentiful, and you have just enough time left before December 31 to lock in a game-changing, profit-driving social media strategy—the kind that can take 2023 from a so-so season to a resounding success. Over the past several months, we’ve been monitoring social media trends, watching the data, and focusing our strategies on what’s really working right now. We’ve poured countless hours into building business-winning strategies for our clients—and now we’re sharing a few of our best insights with you. Curious how you can maximize [...]

Are You Using This YouTube Ad ROI-Booster?

At MediaSpark, we’re all about time-saving tips and cost-effective features. That’s why, when Google rolled out new templates and automatic voice-overs for YouTube video ads, we had to be the first to try them! After a year of building high-converting and attention-grabbing YouTube ads, we’re thrilled to share the three [...]

8 YouTube Podcasting Best Practices, Straight From the Source

Today, YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for podcast hosts, and is the preferred platform for podcast listeners. And with a global audience of over 2 billion active users, this podcast powerhouse isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Part of the platform’s success among podcasts pros and their loyal [...]

Crack the Search Engine Code With Google’s New Visual Gallery

Title link. Snippet. Byline date. Favicon. Does it ever feel like Google Search results pages have a language of their own? Or like talking about search results and search ads requires a PhD in Internet and an Encyclopedia of User Interface? You’re not alone. And trust us, from “round icon [...]

Introducing Google’s Game-Changing Generative AI Ads

right! Ever since ChatGPT brought AI into our daily lives, it seems every tech company is finding their own creative ways to harness the endless potential of AI. One exciting development we’re watching in this evolving space is Google’s newest application of AI-powered technology: Generative search ads. Generative, meaning the [...]

How Image Recognition is Changing Ecommerce

Last year, Walmart released a new AI-powered visual search technology designed to make your holiday shopping experience just a little easier. The technology, offered through the website TrendGetter, allows shoppers to upload a picture from social media, a video, another store, or even from their own camera roll, straight to [...]

Better Data. Bigger Opportunities.

Ready or not, on July 1, 2023, Google is officially changing the way we track website data. Google’s legacy data tracking tool, Universal Analytics, is on its way out the door. And Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is positioned to become the data tracker of the future. What makes GA4 so [...]

Leverage the Power of TikTok with These 2023 Trends

Ever feel like TikTok trends come and go faster than you can scroll your “For You” feed? On a platform with 150 million monthly users in the US alone, it’s no wonder TikTok challenges are here this morning and gone by 5pm! While the individual fads, like dance challenges and [...]

Twitter Blue for Business: A Brand-Builder or Big Bust?

Twitter’s newest service, a subscription-based platform membership called Blue for Business, now gives brands the opportunity to highlight their profile with a blue check. It’s a new way for brands to stand out on the platform, reach a niche audience, and sharpen their competitive edge.  Whether Twitter users consider the [...]


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