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Pay-Per-Click. Platform, Systems, Algorithms, and People.

PPC. Pay-per-click. What’s so great about it? Oh, a ton. PPC ads have the potential to generate serious revenue for your business. Keep on reading for reasons why to consider incorporating PPC ads into your marketing strategy.   Increase brand awareness. PPC ads show up at the top of a [...]

Tips on Facebook Targeting

If you’re spending money on Facebook Ads, you will want to make sure you’re doing it correctly. A great place to start is to nail down your targeting. Begin by asking yourself three questions.   Who are my ideal clients following on Facebook? Think about what brands, companies, businesses, topics, [...]

Brand Awareness for Increased Success

Brand Awareness Establish a strong brand awareness with your target audience. Brand awareness can help build a bond with your audience and help them become repeat customers. Once customers are aware of your brand, you’ll need to ensure every experience is positive. This will allow you to build trust. Eventually, [...]

Grow Your Brand on LinkedIn

Many growing brands try to increase followers on Instagram, Facebook and the like, but don’t forget about LinkedIn. Yes, it’s a professional network, but it is still a social media platform.   Grow Your Network LinkedIn’s search feature is a great way to find professionals you would like to connect [...]

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