The Partnership

MediaSpark partners with businesses, agencies and non-profits to ensure their campaigns thrive in and across all media. At the core of any partnership are the people involved. And at the core of MediaSpark are Patsy Sumner and Andrea Brendis.


Patsy Sumner

With nearly 20 years of experience in consumer-packaged goods on the client side, Patsy recognizes the demands of rigorous budgets and timelines, as well as today’s almost universal expectation of doing more with less. She also understands the position of everyone involved in a major campaign—from CMO to brand manager to agency account team. And she has hands-on expertise at every stage of the process, including research development and data analytics to strategic development and campaign launch.

Andrea Brendis

Andrea drives the performance of MediaSpark’s clients with strategic media planning and buying. Her experience crosses all media channels, from traditional to digital to the latest possibilities in mobile and in-app messaging. Because of her experience, she understands the best possible way to get the most targeted messaging out. Highly analytical, Andrea thrives on finding golden nuggets within data that can spark a fire for her clients.


For more information on MediaSpark and the possibilties we can bring to your company, give us a shout.

  • Our firm does not have media services in-house, so we partner with MediaSpark to bring our clients top-notch recommendations. Patsy and her team are our first choice because they bring incredible knowledge and years of experience to the table. The recommendations are rooted in data and complement our strategy perfectly.  She is very responsive and easy to work with, even when we throw tight deadlines her way! Her professionalism and poise shine through during her client presentations. All of us, including the client were very impressed with her knowledge and she had an answer to every question! I was so impressed with Patsy’s expertise, I have even enlisted her to help with my personal business. I highly recommend MediaSpark.

  • We've been working with MediaSpark for several months now and could not be happier about the results we are receiving for our clients. We've found MediaSpark to be extremely capable and responsive. They provide solid recommendations and the rationale for how best to achieve our client's goals.  We highly recommend the services of MediaSpark.

  • MediaSpark has been an outstanding media partner providing thoughtfully laid out media plans founded in research and insights that meet my clients' budgets and objectives. Patsy has an ability to breakdown complex digital targeting solutions for clients in a way they can understand in order to make them feel comfortable making a large investment. This has been a huge asset in pushing my clients forward and driving results!

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