Some call it Image. Some say Reputation. Others call it Work History. Personal Branding is all and none of those things.

In our opinion, Personal Branding is your story, and the more authentic, open and frequently you build your content, the more success you’ll find for you and your company. In fact, if you ask the digital diaspora, it’s no longer something that’s nice to have—it’s now expected for a few reasons.

It’s your first impression: It’s said you’ve got seconds to make an impression, but with the internet jammed with a gazillion people and a whole lot of white noise — your personal brand is what makes you stand out. Lead with your best self, and the right people will remember the right things about you.

Your brand increases ROI: The connection between personal and corporate reputation are inextricable. People don’t trust companies; they trust people. A brand that’s based in trust and authenticity can shine on both sides of the proverbial coin. Reach, engagement, press: successfully branded employees can increase traffic to their employers.

Your personal brand is important to others: Potential clients and future employees are not just looking for the right work history or awards that you can boast; they’re looking at who you really ARE. They want to know who they are doing business with and who they are going to work for.

Interested in learning more about how your brand is key to personal success? Stay tuned…this is the first installment of our four-part series on Personal Branding.