The Longest Winter Ever is finally behind us. The kids are out of school, there’s a lull in our favorite TV shows, and the days are longer and brighter. It’s the perfect time to think about how you want the second half of the year to look like.

Take a look at your victories.

Why do you think you’ve triumphed in certain areas? A great way to quantify success is to compare to where your business was last year. Since social media and digital marketing are always changing, it’s likely what you did to advertise your business in 2018 looks a little (or a lot) different than what you’ve done this year.

Any room for improvement?

Is your year on track to meet or exceed to 2019 resolutions? Are you meeting your revenue goals? Have you stayed within your budget? What kind of response have you gotten from your customers? You can’t get better unless you’re honest about the pain points. Challenges are really just opportunities for growth.

Plan your next six months now.

  1. Test new messages. Has your target audience changed or shifted? Do you want it to? Advertising on social media is a great budget-friendly place to get nearly-instant results. Beyond the likes, comments, and shares, you have the ability to target different audiences and optimize according to their engagement. This means you can more effectively communicate with your customers, give them more of what they want, and in turn, positively affect your sales.
  2. Look at the next six months holistically. It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending a little on marketing as a reaction. That inevitably doesn’t work as planned so you spend a little more. These little pushes might be a great boost for a seasonal push, but over time you could end up spending a lot of excess budget without getting the best results. By looking at the next three months, six months, year, long term—and implementing marketing strategies that deliver in phases, you’re getting the most bang for your marketing buck.
  3. Try a new media tactic. So your company has “always done Sunday paper ads” or you really “like your billboard.” It might be the best option. However, targeting capabilities change often. It seems that every day, technology allows us to better meet your customer – with the best message – exactly where they are. If you’re looking to boost your bottom line, switching up your media strategy to include digital display,  mobile, video, social media, digital audio, or connected TV might be just the lift you need.

Does your 2019 need a little spark? Contact us today, and we can create a game plan for the second half of the year.