If you read our last article about the importance of visuals—When It Comes To Marketing, How Important is Design?—you already know design plays a pivotal role in the success of your marketing campaigns.

Here’s a quick recap of the impact eye-catching visuals have on your content:

  • Businesses with well-designed content generate 32% more revenue
  • 94% of consumers have mistrusted or even closed a website because of poor design
  • Consumers consider brands with a great visual identity to be more trustworthy, professional, and detail-oriented

So it’s safe to say, looks matter! But not just any looks, the right looks. In 2023, a handful of visual and graphic design trends are positioned to take the internet by storm. See if you recognize any of these emerging trends:

Motion graphics everywhere

Thank you TikTok for inspiring the massive motion graphic trend! You’re already more than familiar with short-form video content, but have you noticed motion graphics popping up on everything from social media to websites to emails?

Visit any major website, think Apple, Tesla, or Nike, for example, and you’ll find these moving visuals. In the background, in the banners, along the sides of the screen, these sites use compelling motion visuals to enhance their story—and hold your attention.

Emails are getting the visual treatment too. Embedded GIFs and short videos right in the middle of the text give a personal touch and human voice to the content. And this technique is popping up in newsletters and sales emails across every industry.

Bright, abstract elements

Over the past few years, graphic design has strongly favored muted, minimalist, one-dimensional shapes. Professional, but a little understated if you ask us.

In 2023, color is king! We’re already seeing brighter, bolder abstract elements popping up across social media, banner ads, and website backgrounds. And these standout colors and lively designs bring a vibrancy and youthfulness to their brands.

The best part about this bend towards abstract design is that it can add visual excitement to your content without distracting from your strategic copy in the way a busy photo does. That puts your content front-and-center, while positioning your business as a professional, trustworthy brand.

And our favorite trend: Retro-style illustrations!

This third emerging style has MediaSpark written all over it!

The new year’s retro colors, vintage visuals, and hand-drawn illustrations have us feeling totally nostalgic in the best kind of way. The design is clean and simple, but the bright colors and perfectly imperfect illustrations make every piece of content feel casual and friendly.

MediaSpark delivers the best of both worlds: Data and Design

Because when you pair data-backed strategies with eye-pleasing design, you’ve got a recipe for powerful brand-building awareness. To meet our team and talk about your business goals, Let’s Chat!