If successful marketing is all about the words you use, the platforms you’re on, and the data you harness to make stronger, smarter decisions, you may be wondering…. Does design really matter?

After all, you’ve probably had your company’s logo and color scheme for years. Add a few product pictures, maybe a picture or two of your team, and bam! That’s all the design you need, right??

The truth is, design plays a huge role in the success of your marketing strategy

No matter what industry you’re in, what kind of customer you’re hoping to reach, or what you’re selling, great design matters.

Here’s why:

  • Eye-catching marketing (like social media graphics and branded videos) conveys your business’ identity faster and more accurately than words alone
  • Brands with visually appealing marketing are considered to be more trustworthy, professional, and more detail-oriented
  • Great design creates an emotional connection, and that emotional connection leads to referrals. In one survey, nearly halfof customers are willing to recommend companies they feel an emotional connection with.

Your customers may not remember your tagline or what you call your products, but they’ll remember your visual identity and the business personality you showcase.

Strong design leads to higher revenue, better brand recognition, and greater customer loyalty

If brand awareness, brand recognition, and visual identity seem too intangible, think of it this way: Great design coupled with targeted marketing makes your business seem trustworthy, high-quality, and desirable. And that means higher profits, happier customers, and more referrals.

Check out these stats that underscore just how valuable intentional design can be:

  • 32% – how much more revenue design-centric businesses generate, compared to companies that don’t invest in design
  • 41% – of surveyed marketing experts say stock photography is the least effective type of marketing visual
  • 94% – of consumers say design is the main reason they closed or mistrusted a website

You have mere milliseconds to make a great impression online. And design is one tool you can use to put your best foot forward almost instantly— driving better results and stronger revenue. Great design isn’t the only element to a successful marketing campaign, but it sure is a crucial one!


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