Six seconds may seem like a short time, but on social media, it can feel like a lifetime. How is it that someone can sit on a couch and binge-watch a show on Netflix for six hours, but that same person isn’t able to sit through a video clip on Instagram for six seconds?

Audiences have appeared to become more selective about what they focus their attention on; likely because businesses are all competing for their attention. Ads are everywhere; they pop up in-between short video clips and podcasts have commercials integrated between each segment. So, how do we effectively capture their attention if most can’t seem to focus for six short seconds?

Know your audience

The better you know your audience, the better you become at communicating with them. If you can add a dash of personality to your language and treat your audience as people rather than consumers, you’ll see a difference. Identify their quirks and habits. Where do they like to shop? Where are they located? Do they have children? These are just a handful of questions you may want to start with.

Content needs to have an engaging story paired with compelling visuals

Don’t just shout all the information out all at once. If you can build a great story around your business and product, audiences are more likely to engage. Give them a reason to care. Pair it with compelling visuals and you’ve got yourself ingredients to a successful outcome.

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