What makes a social media ad truly stand out from the crowd? What digital advertising strategies drive the strongest ROI? What kind of ads stick in your audiences’ minds, long after they’ve scrolled past?

That’s exactly what Meta (with help from Analytic Partners) set out to discover. 

Grab your social media strategy planning notebook and get ready to revamp your ads campaign. Because we’re taking a deep dive into Meta’s detailed report— Video Advertising Essentials: Best Practices for Boosting ROI— and cracking the code on successful video ad strategies!

But first, here’s a bit of background

Meta and Analytic Partners set out to discover what factors determined the ROI of a social media ad in 2022. 

They reviewed six different industries, 70 ad campaigns, and 500+ individual ads to determine what ingredients turn into truly successful— and memorable— ads. And while this specific report focused on companies and users in Australia, we believe the insights and data gathered apply to our local markets, too. 

According to Meta’s report, 3 key factors make an ad successful:

Social Media Ad Strategy #1: Focus on short-form videos

Short-form videos had a major moment in 2022— and that trend isn’t reversing anytime soon! According to Hubspot, short-form videos continue to generate the highest ROI of any social media marketing. And 33% of social media teams plan to invest even more into short-form video content in 2023.

What does this mean for your ad strategy? Audiences are consuming more videos than ever— both organic and paid. If you want to stand out, skip the static images and long-form videos. Short and sweet both captures and keeps attention!

Social Media Ad Strategy #2: Frequency is your friend

You know the old marketing rule of 7? It says a customer needs to see your brand at least seven different times before they begin to recognize you— and consider taking action. 

While you don’t need to show up 7 times a day on social media to get your audience’s attention, Meta’s report revealed that ads aiming for 1-1.5x per week frequency achieved 22% higher ROI than those that only appeared every other week. 

But 1-1.5x per week frequency does seem to be the sweet spot. ROI drops off quickly for ads that appeared to users more than 2x sper week. 

Social Media Ad Strategy #3: The more placements, the better

When you create an ad for Facebook or Instagram, you have the option to choose where on the platform or app that ad appears. According to Meta’s report, the more places your ad shows up, the stronger your ROI and brand awareness. 

By leveraging placement in your audience’s Facebook Feed, Instagram Stories, before and after organic videos, and between Reels, you can reach more eyes at a lower cost. 

In fact, video ads with at least eight different placements across Meta’s platforms were shown to be 3x more effective than those with only one, two, or three placements. 

Bonus tip: Your ads are only as good as your mobile optimization!

We’re living in a phone-first world. Want the biggest bang for your video ad bucks? Use a square or tall aspect ratio, keep your content to 15 seconds or less, and design it to communicate effectively using visuals alone— no sound needed. 

Social media video ads are a powerful way to generate leads, expand your brand, and tell your business’ story

At MediaSpark, we love video and we live on social. Our clients get the best data-backed strategies based on the latest industry findings (just like these we shared above!). We create serious ROI and have fun doing it. Curious how the right video ads can amplify your social media marketing strategy? Chat with our team to learn more about what MediaSpark can do for you!