Virtual events were already becoming popular before the pandemic, but 2020 saw numbers skyrocket because businesses simply didn’t have an alternative. Now, with many companies allowing employees to work at home for the foreseeable future, the work/life scale has tipped toward a stay-at-home economy. That means everything that was once an out-of-office adventure—workshops, retreats, conferences—is now staying put, too.

Want connections better than your internet speeds? Host a virtual event of your own..

Among the many benefits of online events (not including comfy slippers under the home office desk) are flexibility and convenience. They are also proving irresistible to businesses in terms of cost-effectiveness, reach, and collecting that all-important data. 

Whether it’s a webinar, virtual conference, or hybrid event, here are some ways to put your event to work for your brand:

  • Keep the focus on the people, not the technology.
    Look past one-way content and utilize engagement tools like live Q&A, live-polling, or messaging via a mobile app for setting up virtual meetings. Create a community by leveraging social media with IG stories, creating an event hashtag, or posting attendee photos.
  • Content is (still) king.
    A mix of pre-recorded and live content works better than an hour of simply sitting in front of a screen. Keynote speakers, breakout sessions, available on-demand content post-event. Increase engagement with variety.
  • Data is the only way to prove event success.
    Data from before, during, and after the event can be used to determine event ROI, qualify leads, and offer feedback on ways to improve the event for next year. Capturing performance metrics like email open and click-through rates, buying interest, and social media engagement can add up to real value for future business, and prove event success.

In a time when connection and collaboration are needed most, virtual events can last long beyond the computer screen to create a community that can translate into new customers, new partnerships, and new ways of doing business. 

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