Brands are infiltrating social media platforms with more content than users can consume. To ensure your content is not lost in the competitive social media landscape, consider implementing MediaSpark’s top 5 social media trends.

1. Interactive content

Interactive content is the best way to encourage users to engage with your brand. Posting poll questions is a proficient way to solicit feedback from your audience. Livestreaming on Facebook and Instagram is also a great way for brands to engage with their users in real-time

2. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help create a sense of trust between a brand and its target audience. Many users rely on customer reviews before purchasing a product or service. By implementing customer reviews, you can demonstrate the credibility of your company.

3. Videos

Video has dominated in post engagement on social media. The growth seen on YouTube and TikTok is parallel to Instagram’s new 15-second reel feature. Consumers have seen a variety of viral videos and they are hungry for more.

4. Communicate your mission

Many consumers want to relate to their brand in a new and relevant way. To properly address consumers’ need to feel connected to brands, marketers should emphasize their company’s mission and core values.

5. Virtual Fundraisers

Getting involved in fundraisers is a meaningful way to show how your brand cares about the community it serves. Virtual fundraisers can help foster a personal connection between your brand and its audience. In this virtual climate, more and more people are looking for accessible ways to contribute to social causes.

These social media trends are great tools for marketers to implement to increase engagement and awareness in a competitive landscape. Contact MediaSpark today to help you reach your social media goals.