Routine advertising is not enough to help businesses tackle their main priorities. Companies need to take a multichannel approach to stand out in the market. There is tremendous added value in partnering with MediaSpark. Here are our top 5.

1. 75+ Data Partners
MediaSpark partners with over 75 Data partners. This enables us to execute sophisticated retargeting and targeting and control the frequency of ads.

2. Less than 1% Fraud Rate
In addition, our digital plans are audited annually with less than a 1% fraud rate, with the industry average circulating around 17%.

3. Location-Based Mobile Advertising
When a geofence digital campaign makes sense for your brand, our approach to location-based mobile advertising starts with understanding your audience. We don’t just geofence the area surrounding your store. We target locations where you target consumer congregates.

4. Social + SEO

Social media adds to the customer experience. Brands should use social media to generate awareness and increase engagement. At MediaSpark, we can also use our social strategy to improve your SEO. Posts with links embedded in them can help you gain traffic to different pages on your website. If users who visit your page share your content, it helps bring up your search rankings.

5. Video Production
Online viewing trends validate all companies should be incorporating video in their marketing strategies. At MediaSpark, we can plan, produce and market high-performing video content at an affordable price. We can also use existing video footage to invent new content and distribute it across social media platforms.

In a nutshell, working with MediaSpark means more money being used appropriately. We are a one-stop shop making sure all your digital pieces are working together to maximize ROI. Call MediaSpark today.