Print is not dead! There is a time and a reason to invest in traditional media such as billboards and print advertisements. However, the marketing capabilities and flexibility of digital media are so dynamic that it makes sense to think digital first.

Know your audience.

What other brands are they loyal to, in and outside of your category? Once you’ve identified your potential customers, the MediaSpark team can help you analyze their interests and behaviors to understand the topics they seek out and the products and services they consume.​ We can help you choose your best audience using our custom databases and exclusive access to over 75 third-party data segments.

Match the media to the behavior​.

Where are they? Both online and out in the world? What are their spending habits? By understanding your customers’ interests and habits, you can target them with the right media at the right time in the right place.​ We can track your audience’s digital footprint so that we’re reaching them on multiple devices.

Get strategic with your budget.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all media plan. MediaSpark can work with nearly any budget to determine the best way to reach your desired audience – where it will make the most impact.

Make sure all the pieces work together.

You know who you’re talking to, and you understand their interests. In order to surround your customers and potential customers with a powerful message, and get the best ROI on that message, the media your company puts into the world should tell one cohesive story. What works on mobile is different than connected TV, but the two should work together to paint a cross-device picture for your target audience.

Test and optimize. Always.

Sophisticated optimization technology allows for ongoing evaluation of what is working – driving sales or awareness – and what isn’t. Simple creative swaps or shifts in targeting allow you to constantly evaluate and improve how you reach your customers, and stay flexible and agile within your budget.

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