Planning for 2021 needs to start today – if you aren’t already working on it. Proper planning is imperative to achieving ROI. When building your media plan, the best place to start is:

1. What worked well in the past year and what underperformed?
2. What are your business goals for the year?
3. Has your business experienced any changes that will drive new campaign ideas?
4. What are your consumer’s needs?
5. How does your consumer use media?

MediaSpark can help you answer those questions, as well as identify:

1. Optimal times to run creative based on your competitors and industry.
2. The best digital tactics to take advantage of based on your audience’s online behavior.

It takes time and a sequence of tactics to generate awareness and gain traction in the marketplace. The right message, tactic and ad frequency is equal parts important in achieving your company’s bottom line.

At MediaSpark, we can help you determine the best plan for your company and budget. Contact us today to help make 2021 your best year yet!