Pay-per-click advertising services drive strong sales results by keeping your brand in front of your most interested customers. It’s an amazingly effective way to target people who are just about ready to make a purchase decision.

While other forms of advertising, like unpaid social media posts or radio ads, get your brand name out to a lot of people at once—some interested and some not—PPC advertising is highly focused. If social media is a spotlight on your brand, PPC advertising is a laser.

How pay-per-click advertising works

With PPC advertising, businesses can have their ads shown on different platforms, like Google, social media, or websites. They pay a small amount each time their ad is clicked. Which ad is shown where? It depends on how much the business is willing to pay. When you search for something, like hotels in Austin, TX, the ads that pop up at the top of your search results have a mini (and instantaneous) bidding war behind the scenes. A combination of factors, like the amount the business bid for that spot and the quality of their ad itself determine which ads appear when you hit “enter” on your query.

To run a successful PPC advertising campaign, you need a good quality ad, excellent keyword research, an ad budget, and a compelling destination to take searchers to when they click your ad.

Why PPC advertising is like a shot of espresso for your business

When you’ve got a great, super-relevant ad that people can’t help but click, it’s like being on the downhill side of a roller coaster. PPC advertising, done right, dramatically increases traffic to your website. Picture this: You’re searching for hotels in Austin, TX. The first answer that comes up when you hit search says, “The nicest, cleanest, 5-start hotel in town. Now offering one free night!” Wouldn’t you want to click that ad? And if that ad opens up a really eye-catching webpage with high-quality pictures and a coupon code and a free download of the best things to do in Austin…. You’d be sold!

If your site is optimized to convert your abundance of PPC traffic into customers, members, or subscribers, you’ve got instant ROI you can take to the bank.

While some advertising strategies, like podcast ads or mailers, are effective “slow-burn” strategies, PPC can have an instant-impact on your growth by:

  • Driving stronger sales
  • Expanding your customer base
  • Helping you break into new territories or audiences
  • Increasing your subscriptions or memberships
  • Multiplying your email list
  • Strengthening your brand awareness

That said, there’s an art to PPC. When in doubt, hire a PPC advertising service!

There are a million reasons why PPC advertising is best left to the pros. Here are just three:

  1. PPC can be powerful, but if done incorrectly, it can also be a huge waste of money. If you’ve ever taken a peek at Google Ads, you know what we mean. It’s complicated, confusing, counterintuitive, and easy to misuse. And one wrong setting when creating your ad can mean money down the drain.
  2. There’s a lot of math involved. And if you haven’t done stats since high school, why drudge up those old formulas now?
  3. It’s a 24/7 job. PPC advertising is no set it and forget it strategy. It takes close monitoring and tracking. Plus, algorithms change at the speed of light. Advertising agencies talk shop all day every day, but for the average business owner, it’s too much to keep up with.

PPC advertising is just one piece of your marketing puzzle. It works best when you have a great team of backup dancers: A clear, interesting website. A strong social media presence. An eye-catching brand look. Quality products and services. When used correctly and built on top of a strong business foundation, PPC can supercharge your growth and take your company to the next level.

At MediaSpark, an Omaha advertising agency, we help businesses just like yours maximize their marketing budget and run PPC campaigns that get results. We’re a group of passionate data-junkies who aren’t afraid to get scientific with it. Curious to learn how PPC advertising services can help your specific business? Let’s chat!