The future of marketing depends on the current reality of consumers. Today’s reality indicates people are spending an exponential amount of time at home consuming video. GWI reported that 87 % of Americans are consuming more content, with online TV streaming taking a large share of that percentage.

This is an exciting time for marketers to incorporate connected television into their advertising strategies. Connected TV (CTV) is video content delivered on a TV screen connected to the internet. Examples of TVs connected to the internet include smart TVs, streaming media devices such as Apple TV and Amazon, and gaming consoles. There are several reasons why implementing a CTV strategy can help optimize your marketing budget, here are just a few:

More people are abandoning their cable subscriptions in favor of connected television. Traditional television is limited in the type of data it collects and its ability to engage with hard to reach audiences. Through CTV, marketers can collect offline and digital data such as behavioral and household data. The insights derived from CTV data enables brands to refine their strategies and serve ads to an engaged audience.

One of the reasons why digital advertising is so effective is its automated approach. With sophisticated targeting capabilities, CTV can automate serving ads to a specific audience segment. Reaching your target audience at an appropriate frequency maximizes campaign efficiency and ROI.

CTV enables marketers to measure results such as where the ad was delivered, what frequency the message was delivered, and what device the consumer was using when they received the advertisement. These metrics help create a deeper understanding of a brand’s target audience and the effectiveness of the content. Imagine the potential campaign management benefits from knowing how your campaign is performing, and having the measurements to support it.

CTV advertising is a crucial opportunity for marketers to engage with consumers. The data, automation and measurement capabilities CTV provides will allow brands to fine-tune their media strategies, and optimize their marketing spend. In the COVID-19 era, consumer behavior is evolving. Marketers need to pivot their media strategies in a way that is relevant to our current reality. MediaSpark is well equipped to help you navigate the complexity of programmatic technologies. We are here to help, visit our contact page and reach out to learn the benefits of having MediaSpark as your brand’s CTV partner.