When it comes to data in marketing, more is better, right?


We love harnessing data at MediaSpark. It’s at the core of online advertising, and—thanks to savvier-than-ever consumers expecting (and demanding) personalization and relevancy in the communications they receive—it’s critical to campaign success. Targeted marketing is no longer just a good idea, but a necessity for staying competitive. And, in some cases, in the game at all.

For marketers who lack their own (first-party) data to drive their campaigns, they look to leverage data from another source. This third-party data can either increase campaign efficiency and effectiveness—or tank it. 

The trick is knowing the difference.

Not all 3rd party is created equal. Understanding how to pick the right data provider can be a bit of a mystery. Here are some things to think about when choosing.

  • Consider the source.
    With so much data available in this connected world of ours, where it comes from—and how is collected—is important. It comes down to transparency and privacy-compliance. Understanding the source of the data can give you a better insight into what provider will work best for your company and its goals. 
  • Reputation is everything.
    Three magic words here: Do Your Research. Verify if your prospective provider has any pending complaints or issues around their data practices. Look into any results they have to show, especially past work with brands like yours.  
  • Quality Matters.
    Understanding where the data is coming from, how it’s collected, and what criteria have been applied will provide better insight into information quality. Ensuring that the data is compliant with current legislation, privacy policies, and opt-out language is also key.

More data is always better—as long as it’s the right data. When you are confident of the source, third-party data is an integral part of any data-driven marketing campaign. 

At MediaSpark, we partner with 75+ data firms that help clients find their target audience. We’ve done the research for you and can take the mystery out of how to find the right provider. We know that the better the data, the better the result—making for more effective messaging, brand recognition, and ultimately, the brand’s ROI. 

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