When people are on the hunt for your company’s product or service, it can be challenging to keep consumers on the path to your brand’s final destination. To ensure your desired audience stays on the path to completing a purchase, consider implementing a retargeting strategy.

To explain retargeting, think of a scavenger hunt. In a scavenger hunt, teams compete to see who can find the list of desired items first and return home. The teams go door to door looking for the items – much like a consumer going from website to website or app to app to find their desired item. Some items on the list are impossible to find at any house, while other items are available at every stop. How do we make your brand available at every stop? Retargeting. Efficiently.

A smart retargeting strategy will do more than just send out the same ad from every page on your site – and relentlessly follow a consumer until they are annoyed. A few strategic decisions can make your retargeting successful:

  • Identify the right pages on your site to pixel and retarget.
  • Decide if it is best to retarget your customer on social platforms, websites, in application, or all of the above.
  • Send the right message that relates to the content they were interested in on your site.
  • Identify the frequency caps (daily and lifetime) that are helpful but not overkill.

To help illustrate a real-life retargeting experience, try MediaSpark’s retargeting scavenger hunt to see for yourself.

  • Go to https://themediaspark.com/blog/.
  • Watch your social channels and online content for any sightings.
  • Be on the lookout for other brands, who find a way to reach you after you visited their website for inspiration on your own campaign.

Like most scavenger hunts, retargeting campaigns are not created equally. MediaSpark is here to help the right people find your brand. Visit our contact page to schedule a meeting to discuss your retargeting strategy.