Every year, we have the opportunity to partner with some of the best nonprofit organizations across Nebraska. These groups are making a real, tangible difference in our local community. To join them and help expand their reach even further is something we cherish. 

To support the efforts of local nonprofits, we provide extra media support, volunteer time, and donations throughout the year. From bringing our dogs along to the Nebraska Humane Society’s Walk for the Animals, to supporting the next generation of women leaders through Creighton’s Leaders for Life program—we love empowering the change-makers of today!

In 2021, we proudly supported these nonprofits:

  • Boys Town
  • Good Buddies 
  • Omaha Zoo Foundation
  • Creighton Athletics and their Leaders for Life program
  • Nebraska Humane Society and the annual Walk for the Animals
  • YMCA

Here’s to a new year filled with more opportunities to make a difference in our community.