At MediaSpark, we love winter. And not just because of the beauty of fresh snow, the warmth of a good cup of hot chocolate, or the joy that comes with having a house full of family and friends. Yes, there’s one thing we might love even more than holiday cheer….. A detailed report filled to the brim with valuable year-end data!

We get it, we’re social media marketing nerds!

But reviewing your social media platforms at the end of the year gives you so much great data. The kind that serves as an excellent launching pad for your 2023 strategy, and beyond.

Here are three sections every comprehensive year-end social media marketing report should include:

  1. A full data review

We cringe when thinking about how few businesses use the data from their previous social media posts and content to inform their future strategies. Here at MediaSpark, that’s the first place we look for inspiration and planning. Because if you’ve had a social media presence for at least a few months, you’re sitting on a goldmine of information!

Some of the most helpful data points to note in your year-end report are:

  • Likes, comments, and impressions
  • Post shares
  • Mentions
  • Video and story views
  • Profile visits
  • Clicks to your website
  • Engagement time (particularly on YouTube)
  • Conversions and purchases

These data points will reveal what content your audience enjoys the most, what’s the most valuable thing you shared in the past year, and how strongly your social presence influences your business. And it goes without saying, in 2023, double-down on what worked!

  1. A goal recap

After you’ve gathered your raw data, take a look at how your performance exceeded or fell short of your 2022 social media goals. Were you hoping for more growth or greater engagement? Or did your posts explode and generate more traffic than you expected?

Beyond simply comparing your performance to your expectations, consider how your actions matched up to your goals. Did you consistently post the kind of high-quality and original content needed to grow your reach?

As you’re putting together your year-end report, note areas where you fell short, and celebrate the goals you exceeded!

  1. A feedback summary

One of the best types of data you can gather from social media is feedback— both traditional feedback in the form of polls and follower responses, and the indirect feedback you can discover by digging into shares, mentions, and comments.

Include a section in your year-end report that highlights some of the most common comments you received in 2022. Was there a particular question that came up frequently? Or a phrase or name that pops up in review after review? These are crucial points to note! Not just for future content planning, but as a great source of data for product and service R&D.

  1. A look ahead

No year-end social media marketing report would be complete without setting your goals for the next year. But before you choose some arbitrary growth goal, make sure it’s connected to your overall business strategy.

Think about how social media benefits your business the most. Are you using it for lead generation, brand awareness, to drive traffic to your site, or to sell directly on the platform? With that role in mind, consider what type of content, on which platforms, generated the most of that desirable action.

When you set your 2023 social media goals, make sure each one is tied back to that most desirable action— then focus on producing the kind of content most likely to trigger it.

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