Ever feel like TikTok trends come and go faster than you can scroll your “For You” feed? On a platform with 150 million monthly users in the US alone, it’s no wonder TikTok challenges are here this morning and gone by 5pm!

While the individual fads, like dance challenges and day-in-the-life videos may last but for a moment, a few underlying trends are here to stay. And for savvy brands looking to build awareness, expand their market, and gain a little online cred in the process, these are the main three trends you need to follow. 

TikTok Trend #1: Action-Centric Entertainment

Have you ever seen one of those clickbait videos that catch your attention with a shocking title like You’ll never BELIEVE what happened to this Florida woman. And you start watching the video…. And wait…. And wait… and finally, after seven minutes of wasted time, the clip ends in a completely unrelated call to action. It’s frustrating, right?! 

In 2023, watch for the clickbait trend to (finally!) wind down as transparent, entertaining, and trust-building videos rise in popularity. The best-performing videos are likely to be the ones that are: 

  • Humor-based
  • Personalized and highly relevant
  • Uplifting, lighthearted, or positively focused

The most-watched videos on TikTok in 2023 won’t be sales pitches, product showcases, or overt brand advertisements. In fact, according to a 2022 TikTok ad survey, highly entertaining ads that lean into one of these three themes rate 25% higher for brand love, and 15% higher for creating purchase intent, compared to ads that don’t capitalize on these trends.

TikTok Trend #2: Joy-filled living

In a world of endless to-do’s and constant noise, TikTok users consider the platform their space to relax, disconnect, laugh, and learn. That’s why, in 2023, TikTok expects joy-centric advertisements to generate the most off-platform activity. TikTok’s advertising survey revealed that 41% of users chose to make a purchase because the brand lifted their spirits. 

Successful brands tap into the feeling their products and services offer customers. When you communicate the joy of engaging with your product, the success that can come from using the service, or the positive experience of unboxing your order, customers want in!

TikTok users are also a demographic that values affordable luxuries. If your offering provides a bit of joy and is within budget, these users will take notice! That’s why at-home hacks, videos showcasing off-brand indulgences, and how-to’s for creating authentic look-alikes are particularly popular on the platform. 

TikTok Trend #3: Authentic relatability 

It may feel like TikTok is one giant melting pot of ideas, trends, topics, and experiences. But in reality, the platform is made of hundreds of thousands of micro-communities. That’s why a full 71% of TikTok users who took an action off-platform did so because TikTok showed them the exact answer to the problem they faced. These niche corners of TikTok give like-minded users a space to share, laugh, explore, and find new brands, together! 

In 2023, watch for these micro-communities to gain even greater influence over the users in them. These users already look to their community for inspiration, trends, and reviews. But this year, we expect the prominent influencers in each of these communities to drive even stronger off-platform purchase activity. 

TikTok isn’t right for every brand. But for those looking to capture Gen Z’s attention, there’s no better way to share your brand’s story!

If the thought of TikTok-ing makes your head spin, you’re not alone! And our tech-savvy team can help. At MediaSpark, we build brand-boosting digital marketing strategies that leverage the best trends and features of every channel. Together, we can create a plan that puts your brand front-and-center—online, and in your customers’ minds. Chat with our team to learn more about what MediaSpark can do for you!