TikTok could be the next big thing. But, do you know what it is? Let us be your guide into the world of TikTok.

TikTok is an app where users can upload and share short, entertaining videos. The app allows users to edit, add filters, and overlay music onto their footage and share their creations with followers. A fun and quick source for easy entertainment, TikTok is popular with younger generations and is gaining traction with older generations, as well.

The app has about 104 million American downloads to date, putting them right behind Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger. TikTok has also gained exposure through The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon where it was featured for an interactive segment.

As of right now, TikTok does not have paid advertising. But that doesn’t mean brands haven’t experimented. Some brands have used it for influencer marketing campaigns or have published their own videos on the app.

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