All your marketing efforts lead to one thing: convincing that qualified lead to pick up the phone. It’s easier than you think.

Make them comfortable.

Most sales people hate cold calls, and it’s safe to say customers feel the same way—even if they’re the ones calling your business for the first time. Eliminate the wobble by creating content and marketing messages that soften the approach; for instance, a “Learn More” call-to-action can invite deeper research and relationship-building long before they’re ready to call. This may lengthen the lead time, but the more they learn and love about you, the stronger the lead they become. Make sure you have plenty of content ready for them!

Straight up ask for it.

While we’re all for the gentle sales approach, sometimes you just have to tell your customers what to do. Use buttons and phrasing with “Call now” and “Contact us” to let your audience know you are there for them whenever they are ready.

Optimize for mobile.

Your mobile presence should, at the bare minimum, make one-click calling possible. Your customers already have everything they need to contact you—right in the palm of their hands, in fact—so make it even easier by making the “Call now” button as functional as possible. The more you can appeal to your consumer’s pain points, the stronger the urge to push that button will be and the faster your phone will ring. This means making sure your website and social sites have your contact info front and center, too.

Turn up the radio.

While radio works in some markets better than others, it is still a reliable way to raise brand awareness, especially when it is tailored to specific audiences, times, and messaging. Whether you are actively pushing a specific product or just keeping your brand front-of-mind, use call tracking to monitor your campaign; a little knowledge about what works and what doesn’t can go a long way toward increasing the effectiveness of your messaging and give you more value for your marketing dollar.

Set up expectations.

Customers are more comfortable calling when they know what—and who—is going to be on the other end of the phone. A simple “Call and ask for Andrea” can remove the last barrier to dialing, especially when your marketing message includes what you’ll address in the first phone call or what problems you can solve right away.

Increasing familiarity, trust, and accessibility are three ways to remove the customer obstacles to your brand. Implementing these five tips not only gets you more leads, but it will also make closing those sales that much easier. And that has a nice ring to it.