Chances are, we roll our eyes a little when that red dot appears on our iPhone’s home screen for yet another operating system update. But if we want the latest and greatest functions from Apple….click it we must. So here comes iOS 14, and it’s like a box of chocolates.

While there are some sweet new updates, like added features to Siri and Picture-in-Picture video mode (for the first time on the iPhone), there are also some of those mystery flavors we’re not sure we’re going to like. (We see you, strawberry cream.)

iOS 14 Gives Customers More Control Over Their Data.

The good news is that the impending cookieless future of Google, means that a shift from 3rd-party data needs to happen, with or without the iOS 14 update. So, chances are you’ve already been thinking about adding some zip to your 1st-party data strategy, and now is the perfect time to beef up your customer profiles, questionnaires, and surveys (We’ve got lots of ideas for this – just give us a call!)

Things will likely look different, however, there will be more tools to choose from, in order to meet the demands and needs of advertisers. Measurement and KPI standards will continue to evolve. An important reminder as we analyze the future numbers, we will still be able to track users that do not opt-out. And, the users who opt-out are still taking actions on your site, even if we can’t track them.

Protect Your Marketing Strategy from Future Updates

Data rules seem to change like the tax code, and keeping up with those changes is a recipe for frustration. (There’s a reason why professionals are needed when it gets complicated.) While it might not be possible to be immune to future changes, there are things you can do to stay healthy:

  • Stay flexible and commit to adapt your marketing strategy.
  • Diversify— hedge your bets with multiple channels.
  • Hire a pro— their livelihood depends on staying up-to-date with the changing tides.

At MediaSpark, we stay on top of ever-changing data rules and regulations, so you can just focus on what you do best — your business. What we do best is create marketing strategies that move as the landscape moves – that’s our thing. Need advice? Let’s chat!