Marketers, rejoice! Content creators, celebrate! Instagram’s latest handy feature is making quality content and consistent posting easier than ever—and we can’t wait to leverage it.

Recently, Instagram announced a new feature that allows users to schedule image posts, carousels, and Reels up to 75 days in advance, directly from the mobile app. Right now, this fabulous feature is only available for professional accounts (think businesses, brands, influencers, and organizations), but any user can switch to a professional account in their Instagram settings. And for brands looking to streamline their entire posting process, this new tool is a lifesaver!

What does this new feature mean for businesses and marketers?

Before this release, we could schedule Live videos up to 90 days in advance, but any other kind of Instagram content had to be posted through a third-party tool, like Hootsuite, Hubspot, or Sprout Social. Not only was this process a bit more tedious, the cost of subscription services adds up fast!

Now, we can schedule content directly in the app for maximum on-the-go convenience. And for Reels—one of the hottest forms of Instagram content right now—this feature is particularly useful. Because the feature allows for scheduling down to the minute, you have the ability to post your latest Reel at the exact moment it’s likely to receive peak engagement. How’s that for making the most of your content!

Here’s how to pre-schedule your next Instagram post, carousel, or Reel

  1. Create your piece of content and add a catchy caption.
  2. Before posting, scroll down and tap “Advanced Settings” at the bottom of the posting menu.
  3. Toggle on “Schedule this post”
  4. Choose your desired date and posting time.
  5. Tap “Set Time”
  6. Hit the back arrow to navigate to your post.
  7. Tap “Schedule” and sit back as Instagram makes content consistency easy!

Scheduling your content is a 30-second task with a long-lasting payoff. Because the more quality content you create and post with regular frequency, the further your reach!

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