Let’s address how attitudes toward social media have shifted. According to Global Web Index, almost 42% of social media users surveyed said they felt less pressure to portray an unrealistic image of their life during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the relinquished pressure to put forth the image of perfection, this new shift in values has challenged marketers to question how they present their brand, and how they connect with consumers.

To continue to uphold a positive reputation with consumers, brands should implement social listening tools to understand their target audience. Social media plays an integral role in understanding your audience by measuring how users engage with your content. Marketers can discover what their customers’ value and the right channel to communicate a message through social media data.

At MediaSpark, we understand how hard it can be to portray the correct brand image and use the right tone. Social media data can help you discover what is essential to your audience, which will ultimately lead to a deeper connection between the consumer and your brand. Visit our services page to learn how MediaSpark can help your brand connect with its audience.