By now you know, Instagram Reels are some of the most engaged with (and engaging!) content on social media. Over 20% of Instagram users’ time is spent scrolling Reels, and nearly half of all profiles watch a Reel at least weekly!

And Reels aren’t just watchable, they’re sharable. In fact, in Meta’s Q3 earnings call, the company revealed that Instagram users reshare Reels up to 1 billion (yes, with a B!) times a day through direct messages. That’s a huge opportunity to get in front of users who don’t already follow your brand.

As Instagram Reels have grown this past year, so has our need to track data on this pivotal content strategy. And that’s where Reels metrics come in.

Meta recently released new Reels metrics to help marketers get ultra-granular information on every Reel they post

This latest API update allows us to use simple dashboard tools to gather all the data we need to determine which Reels are winning and which are waning.

Before, we only had access to a handful of metrics like views and reactions. But now, we can see detailed data like:

  • Engagement rates for each Reel
  • Reach of the video
  • The number of saves and interactions
  • How often the Reel played before users swiped to the next video
  • How long the average user watches your Reel

That’s just a sample of the data points we can start tracking. Talk about putting your money where your metrics are!

With this latest update, we can help our clients discover what works, what drives more shares and interactions, and just how engaging every piece of content really is. And less guessing means more growth!

So we’ve got the data… Now what?

Greater data creates greater opportunities for our clients to maximize every marketing dollar they spend. So we’ll be using this data to gain deeper insights into which Reels reach your target audience—and prompt them to act.

Meaningful growth comes from knowing your audience, recognizing what they respond to, and doubling-down on what works. That’s why deeper metrics tracking, like the data we can now access through Meta’s latest update, translates to better ROI for every Reel.

Advanced data tracking is a complex marketing strategy that requires special tools

At MediaSpark, we’ve got the knowledge and systems needed to leverage every metric and data point for your business’ benefit. We’re trend-tracking, metric-monitoring pros with a clear goal in mind—maximizing your resources and results.

When you’re ready for a social media strategy built on data and determination, Let’s Chat!