1. Funneling Customers in the Right Direction
  2. Brands Do Better with a Full Funnel Strategy
  3. Full Funnel Marketing Wins the Prize

In March 2020, 88% of online shopping carts were abandoned. (Statista)

No. Sale.

Competition is fierce. Which makes companies want to push harder on people to buy. Which makes competition more fierce. And around and around we go. Brands that do better, implement a full funnel marketing strategy, which tailors the marketing message to each stage of the customer journey. The prizes: a sale from and a recommendation for your company, and, (fingers crossed) a repeat customer.

Awareness. At the top of the funnel are potential customers discovering your brand. The priority here is baiting the hook with engaging, educational, and easy-to-find content that answers your customers’ questions and solves their problems. Think video, which generates higher engagement than other formats, and before placement, consider the platforms that your target audience uses.

Consideration. The middle child of the funnel. And middle children want attention. Customers begin to look into why your company is better than your competition. Here is your opportunity to explain why and to build trust. Continue to engage customers so that they think about you over your competition with interactive messages, personalized with information that appeals to them.

Conversion. You’ve nurtured the relationship nicely. Now is the time to focus on the most valuable customers by offering more personalized marketing like special offers, coupons, and “we see you’re debating” messages. After weighing their options and being nudged off the edge and toward purchasing, customers decide to take action and make a purchase. Woo hoo, bottom of the funnel!

Now that you’ve made the sale, don’t forget about them! Use social media to stay top-of-mind and keep your audience engaged and connected. If you’ve garnered enough trust with your audience, it can translate into repeat customers and recommendations to others. And use the information you’ve gathered about this sale to help with ones in the future.

At MediaSpark, we know how to escort customers through that funnel to your business with targeted data, decades of team experience, and big ideas. Let’s talk!