As a video marketing agency in Omaha, we spend a lot of time (like, a looooot of time!) watching the latest video content trends and strategies. We scroll TikTok, thumb through Instagram Reels, watch Facebook videos, and dig into the data every chance we get.


Because video content is the future of digital marketing. And we want to set every one of our clients up for trackable, repeatable, data-backed results!

In between watching brand videos and browsing user-generated content, we’ve rounded up the top three most effective video strategies we’re watching—for 2022 and beyond. Want to take your video game to the next level? Give one of these strategies a try!

1. Video SEO. Yes, it’s a thing!

These days, it seems like there’s no corner of the internet immune from the reach of SEO. And video content is just another place where keywords are, well, key!

Here’s how video SEO works on sites like YouTube:

  • Search engines use your video’s title, tags, and description to sort and categorize your content, just like blogs and web pages.
  • These bits of copy aren’t the only sources of keywords search engines look for. YouTube’s search engine can even see your video’s closed captions and subtitles, then use that information to further narrow a searcher’s results.
  • Videos that have accurate subtitles, an optimized title, tags, and description, and include an original, visually-appealing thumbnail tend to perform best on the platform.

While video SEO isn’t exactly new, it’s quickly becoming necessary. Over 500 hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. Only the videos with easily searchable, clear, targeted copy and content will make their way to the top of YouTube’s search results.

2. Get real. Really real!

Do you love behind-the-scenes content? You’re not alone! Raw, authentic footage is gaining popularity in today’s content-saturated world. And these candid videos present a great opportunity to show another side of your brand—one that’s genuine, human, and relatable.

Next time you’re creating content, try one of these behind-the-scenes ideas:

  • Grab a few candid photos from your next photo shoot or commercial film
  • Walk around the office and ask team members to answer a fun question, like their favorite dance party song, biggest cooking fail, or favorite birthday gift as a kid
  • Capture the authentic moment a customer engages with your product or service for the first time
  • Conduct an off-the-cuff interview with customers or team members, asking about their best experiences with your business

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The options for creating casual, behind-the-scenes videos are endless! And with this strategy in place, you’ll never be at a loss for content.

3. Captions are king

Remarkably, as much as 85% of Facebook’s 30-second videos are watched without the sound on. Consider how many social media users consume content in public—at the gym, at work, on the bus, etc. It’s no wonder these consumers prefer content that doesn’t disrupt the people around them.

If your content is dialog-heavy, consider adding captions or pop-out quotes to convey the meaning and message of the video, even with the sound off. Better yet, communicate your message using visuals, graphics, and eye-catching animations. Not only will this appeal to your “silent listeners,” visually appealing videos are absolutely scroll-stopping!

Ready for video marketing that generates real results??

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