The month of January is awesome for several reasons. Your business goals are still shiny. You can still feel the power and commitment of your resolutions. And you have 12 whole months to get it right. Or wrong.

If we at MediaSpark can tell you anything, it’s that plans are necessary, especially when it comes to your marketing strategy. Just like the personal goals you make for yourself, the best plans are a product of three things: research, alignment, and adjustment.

How do you start developing such a plan?

Five Steps to Success in 2017

Whether you have an in-house marketing department or an on the ground marketing firm, like MediaSpark, the first step is getting all the minds to meld. Use this time to determine your company’s various objectives and sales goals.

Develop a Target Demographic

You may find each of your objectives targets the same demographic; sometimes however, you may want to experiment with a different market to increase your share of the pie.  Lean on data and research to guide you through the process of identifying your target demographic.

Match Your Media to Your Audience

Once you’ve determined your target audience, structure your campaign accordingly, the most effective campaigns know exactly who they are talking to and use a voice, platform and an emotional appeal they understand. They also know where to reach them, what time of day works best and how they typically interact with media.

Make the Most of Your Media Money

Your media dollars should work hard for you.  Avoid trying to get more time slots for the money.  You are better served when your media buys are during the times when your target audience is most likely paying attention.  These time slots might be more expensive – but they are more effective.

Measure – Measure – Measure

Just because the campaign wraps up doesn’t means the work is done.  Measure your success based on trackable metrics.  Take note of what worked and what didn’t, so you can repeat successes and avoid waste with intention the next time.

If you need help developing your marketing and media plan for 2017, add a call to MediaSpark to your to-do list. We’ll make sure it all gets done.