Marketers are facing increased pressure to drive return on ad spend – and usually with less media dollars. How many can relate to the daunting task at hand – increase ROI, and do it with less money than last year? The best chance at success is to incorporate effectively targeted digital media and layer in awareness tactics when possible.

What are the benefits of data-rich digital campaigns?

• Data that can measures a click vs. an actual converter is crucial. At MediaSpark, we report on and optimize toward activities on your site, not just a click.

• Audience data can be used to segment people who are more likely to convert. At MediaSpark, we partner with 75+ data firms that help us find a company’s target audience.

• Data measuring creative performance can allow stronger performing images or headlines to be served more frequently.

The final step is to partner with a strong media strategist who know how to measure results and guide you through decisions throughout the campaign. MediaSpark is composed of a team of real people dedicated to analyzing conversions and educating you to make informed decisions. We have experience in building media plans that incorporate social, digital, traditional and paid search. We are here to help you identify what is working and what is not, so you can focus your budget on what will drive results. Contact us today.