“Does billboard advertising work anymore?”

I get this question a lot from my clients, especially the ones who are trying to make the most of their marketing dollar (which, as you can expect, is nearly all of them). Whether they are a local brand or a national chain, my answer to them is the same.

“Absolutely. And they work even better when they sync with your other efforts.”

And statistics agree with me. According to an Arbitron National In-Car Study:

  • Almost every American (98%) travels by car at least once a month.
  • The average driver drives over 224 miles each week.
  • 71% of travelers look at messages on roadside billboards, 37% of whom look at the same boards every time they pass it.
  • Billboard viewers can recall actionable information, including names of restaurants, television programs, events, and humorous anecdotes, and often use that information to take action.

The Arbitron study also revealed this interesting tidbit: Nearly 75% of all billboard viewers shop on their way home from work, and 66% make their shopping decisions while in the car–all the more reason to make your name memorable and your phone number easy to dial.

Making the most of the advertising space 

Despite being 672 square feet in size, it’s a short-form content; drivers have about four seconds to see, remember, and store the information they see on your sign. Messages that are simple, bold, and shorter than seven words are best–a tall order for companies who provide a wide gamut of products and services. The key is to tout the benefits and align them emotionally with your brand.

Roadside assistance, marketing-style  

Brand recognition is one of the strongest reasons why billboards are effective. The repeated daily commute provides the ad repetition needed in a successful marketing plan. Not to mention, outdoor advertising pairs well with other marketing channels, such as radio and digital. A well-integrated plan can target commuters during their drive time via traditional billboard and radio. Then, you can serve them a digital ad when they’re off the road and online or mobile in-app.

The real power in marketing comes in meeting your customers where they are. And since the average American spends over 101 minutes in a car each day–almost 40,000 hours over the course of their lifetime–there’s a good chance you’ll be meeting them on the road.

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