Are you ready to tackle a daunting question: You’ve gathered all this great, insightful data, but what do you do with it?

Here are five ways you can put that brand-building, sales-driving, business-catapulting data to work:

  1. Organize your numbers. All the data in the world is useless if you can’t synthesize it. This is where a data organization tool (or a data-guru like MediaSpark) comes in handy. Combine your sources of data, like website behaviors, social media engagement, and customer feedback into one easily accessible space that all your departments can use. Remember, data isn’t just for the marketing team! Your sales team, IT department, customer service reps, and product developers can all benefit from this information.
  2. Get clarity on who you’re targeting. You may think you’re targeting one audience, but realize, through data, that you’re actually closing sales with a totally different group of customers! Use your new data to see if any adjustments need to be made to your buyer persona.
  3. Get personal. You’ll learn a lot about your customers through feedback, like how they use your product, why they bought it to begin with, and the common issues they run into. You can use that information to develop highly personalized marketing and post-sale communications that prevent common issues from the start and keep your customers coming back (and referring their friends!).
  4. Optimize from the ground up. Your data will show you important metrics like where customers find you, how they connect with your brand, and what platforms drive the most sales for your business. With that data in hand, get to optimizing! If your website is your biggest sales tool, focus on making it as user-friendly and accessible as possible. If social media is your biggest producer, focus your budget on creating more high-quality content. Do what works, then do it again!
  5. Compare the ROI on everything you do. Not every marketing strategy is sales-focused. But at the end of the day, you should always be generating sales! Use your data to compare different campaigns and platforms to see what generated the best leads at the lowest cost or effort.

We believe in the benefits of using data to build your marketing strategy because we’ve seen the amazing results with our own eyes. A data-driven approach is the most surefire way to grow your brand, increase your sales, improve your customer experience, and boost your revenue.

Don’t do data alone. When you’re ready to grow your base of raving fans and repeat customers, contact the data team here at MediaSpark. We’ll handle the data, you handle the new sales! Let’s chat.