After decades of driving online advertising and online privacy concerns, the 3rd-party cookie finally crumbles. Following the leads of Firefox and Safari, Google has announced the 3rd-party cookie will no longer fill the proverbial marketing plate as of 2022.

So…now what?

There’s no doubt that the elimination of 3rd-party cookies will create an impact on digital advertising. Surviving the Post-Cookiepocalypse means finding cookie-style performance without cookie-style tracking.

Here’s how your business can brush off those crumbs and move forward in a cookie-free world:

Develop a Strong 1st Party Data Strategy 

Good news: 1st party data will remain alive and well. First-party data (AKA the information you collect directly from your customers) is considered to be the most valuable because it comes straight from the source. A 1st-party data strategy allows businesses to take a closer look at how customers interact with their brands — which can then be used to provide truly personalized experiences that appeal to both existing and new customers.


  • What information are you collecting?
  • How are you using it?
  • What are you missing?

Layer Up a Marketing “Lasagna”

A layered approach to marketing can mean greater success for your business. Multiple vehicles — a newsletter subscription, social media content, blogs, ads, videos — can tie your brand to an overarching message tailored expressly for your type of customer. And layering creates more opportunities for customer “touches” and we all know that equation:

More touches = Increased likelihood your customer takes action.


  • How can you improve your newsletter/email performance?
  • What does your audience want to talk about?
  • What are they clicking on and responding to?

Though 3rd-party cookies will soon be part of internet history, the future of digital marketing is bright with opportunities for strengthening the customer relationship—and they all start with your direct marketing efforts.

Don’t let your marketing plan go half-baked. Partnering with marketing and media specialists can be invaluable when it comes to optimizing your advertising buys in this new environment. Ready to get cooking? So are we!