Deep in the backwoods of your internet search, you stumble upon an abandoned website. The google reviews are swallowed by cobwebs. The information on the site is like an endless corridor leading nowhere. The design is as grave as night time. What could have caused a once visited site to go abandoned? Lack of continued marketing efforts.

Neglecting your media strategy can come back to haunt you. To ensure your website isn’t part of the spooky history of conversions that never materialized, create a website that is a place audiences want to visit. Here are three things to consider when trying to optimize your website’s performance.

1.    Encourage customers to leave reviews. 

Google reviews are a great tool for SEO. If you have a five-star rating status, your website can move up the ladder of search results. It’s also important to recognize that many people are looking at reviews before trying a product or service. This is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your company’s credibility.

2.    Synchronize your marketing channels. 

If consumers want to know more about your product or service, make sure all information is consistent and current. Sync your social channels to your website and newsletter. When you publish content, make sure your brand’s message aligns across all platforms. This will help cultivate a strong brand presence in your business’s market.

3.    Create webpages that are compatible with mobile devices.

To ensure people can consume your website’s content from anywhere, implement design compatible with mobile viewing. Mobile-friendly web pages should use shorter text and important information should be at the top. This allows your audience to read your website in line at the grocery store or between meetings.

Another mobile practice to consider is using a hamburger style navigation bar, three bars in the top corner. This menu option is standard on mobile apps and saves space. The hamburger style is simple, making it more user-friendly.

Like a door that slams shut and won’t open, or a car that won’t start, if you neglect your marketing efforts for too long, it might be too late. Brands who experience new visitors and many conversions never abandon their digital strategy. If you’re interested in optimizing your website’s performance, contact MediaSpark today!