Strong testimonials can really boost your business. They’re the social proof you need to show your potential customers that you’ve got a beneficial product or service that’s perfect for them. But chances are, your average customer is no expert copywriter.

So how can you gather authentic, honest testimonials that help sell your product or service? We’ve got three tips you can start using today to build up your bank of valuable testimonials:

     1. Ask better questions

If you want powerful testimonials, the kind that change minds, tug at heartstrings, and make a believer out of you and me, ask questions that dig deeper. Try questions like these:

  • What problem were you experiencing that prompted you to buy this product or service?
  • Why did you choose our product instead of someone else’s?
  • What benefits did you expect to receive from this purchase? What benefits did you actually receive?
  • What made you the happiest about this purchase?
  • Who is this product or service perfect for? How would you describe that person?

     2.Pick up the phone

No matter how good your questions are, your biggest brand fans may be too busy to write up a review. But a personal phone call following up on their experience with your product or service can be a highly effective way to gather great testimonials andimprove your customer service reputation. Be sure to get your customer’s permission to record and use their testimonial before you start asking questions!

     3. Automate the ask

To quickly build up your library of raving testimonials, set up an automatic survey that goes out to every customer a few hours or days after purchase. Depending on how you engage with your customers, this could be an email, a text, or a social media message with questions or a survey link.

Once you’ve gathered some useful testimonials, share them! You can add these testimonials to the main pages of your website, post them on social media, and even drop them in a P.S. section at the bottom of your sales emails.

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