The truth is— our attention span is shorter than ever. That’s why relevance rules when it comes to marketing. The more timely, applicable, interesting, and targeted your marketing, the bigger splash you’ll make.

Regionally-focused marketing takes relevance to a whole new level by getting your message in front of the right audience, the right way. It’s a detailed strategy built on the who, what, when, and where. Regional marketing recognizes that people are beautifully unique— and strongly influenced by where we live.

First, what in the world is regional marketing?

You could offer your product or service to the whole country using one uniform, carefully crafted marketing strategy. And in doing so, you could have decent results. Or, you could create a custom marketing strategy that’s purposefully built around each specific region you want to reach— whether that’s multiple cities, states, or entire zones of the country.

Which strategy do you think drives better results?

Regional marketing wins, every time.

This well-researched, locale-focused strategy recognizes that people in Oregon think, act, talk, and search differently than people in Georgia. And people in Omaha are different from those in Council Bluffs. This strategy puts that detailed data to good use by building hyper-local campaigns that resonate with each audience.

Yes, regional marketing requires extra effort and a whole lotta research. But it WORKS. Here’s why:

     1. Regional marketing lets you speak the same language as your customers

You know how Southerners call their bubbly beverages Coke and Midwesterns call them pop? It’s a funny debate that reveals an often-overlooked truth: Sometimes, one marketing message just can’t fit all! Even if your target audience has a whole lot in common, no matter where they live, they might use different phrasing to describe (and search) your products. If you ignore these regional differences, you can miss out on major keywords and marketing opportunities.

     2. A regional marketing strategy optimizes your budget

When your marketing uniformly blankets the whole country (or worse, aimlessly floats around the world wide web!) you’re wasting precious resources talking to people who aren’t your dream customer. Regional marketing puts your funds where your followers are— and nowhere they aren’t.

     3. Regional marketing can be your own crystal ball

Imagine the opportunities you could unlock if you knew what your customers would want next week! Regional marketing can’t exactly tell the future, but it sure comes close. By studying regional search trends, you can discover what people in your target region are looking for now, and which searches are on the decline. To maximize your local relevance, adapt your regional marketing strategy around the specific questions and concerns of this audience. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

Regional search trends can also reveal areas of new opportunity. If you’re not currently marketing in a particular region, but you notice search traffic suggests that market would love what you offer, you’ve got the data you need to feel confident about branching out.

Regional marketing is the catalyst for effective, game-changing marketing. But it’s no cakewalk.

At MediaSpark, we believe the best marketing is high-impact and cost-effective. That’s why we love the practicality and potency of regional targeting.

If your business is ready to talk like your target, put your marketing money to good use, and find new opportunities before your competitors do, let’s chat! The expert data and research team here at MediaSpark is ready to build you a regional marketing strategy that works.