It goes without saying, repeat customers are incredibly valuable for your business. They’re the loyal buyers, the heartfelt recommenders, the 5-star reviewers, and the backbone of small businesses in Omaha and across the country.

In fact, just 15% of customers will buy again from the same business. But that small group of loyal brand fans are responsible for a whopping 33% of the business’ sales. In other words, your loyal customers spend 3x more than your one-time buyers! And they’re the most likely to recommend you to their circle.

There are a number of things you can do to encourage brand loyalty and keep these valuable buyers in your back pocket. But for this article, we’re going to focus on three post-sale strategies you can set up to automatically boost your chances of building a loyal customer base from the moment they first purchase.

3 ways you can improve customer loyalty (automatically!), starting at the point of purchase

     1. Offer exceptional customer service

Here’s a bit of tough truth: Just because your customer bought from you, doesn’t mean the sale is permanent! Customers return their products or request a refund on services all the time! But you can significantly reduce your refunds and returns by offering instant (and exceptional) customer service. Here’s how:

  • Create an automated email. It should be sent as soon as your customer makes a purchase. This email can ask for feedback, offer additional instructions, and thank the customer for purchasing. For added impact, include a discount your customer can put towards their next purchase!
  • Send a text. A quick message checking in on your customer’s satisfaction or offering additional assistance goes a long way towards stopping refunds before they start!
  • If you offer an in-person service, stay until the job is really If your point of sale happens in person, don’t rush off the moment checkout is complete. Make sure the customer is satisfied with their service and has no further questions. When you take the time to make sure every customer is taken care of, your callbacks and refunds drop!

      2. Offer a loyalty program

Loyalty programs are a huge driver of repeat business. If you’ve got the Starbucks app, a branded credit card, or a well-used punch card floating around your wallet, you already know how compelling these programs can be!

Offering a discount or incentive for shopping again gives your customers yet another reason to choose you. Even if your business isn’t always the most convenient or lowest cost option available to your customer, a loyalty program can motivate them to buy again— within reason.

How can you automate this post-sale strategy? Include a blurb about your loyalty program in your follow-up email, make a habit of mentioning your program during in-person purchases, or include a bit of information and a QR sign-up code in your product packaging. The easier you make enrollment, the more loyal customers you’ll create!

     3. Offer a surprise

Have you ever received a surprise bonus from a store or service provider? Maybe it was an extra small gift included with your order or a free month “just because”. Chances are, that was a memorable experience!

Offering an unexpected surprise gift (not just a discount, but something totally free) is a great way to instantly and automatically create a positive impression. Not only does it leave your customer feeling appreciated, it’s likely to generate some valuable word of mouth!

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