What are Instagram Reels?
Instagram Reels are 15-second videos that include add-ons such as music and creative effects. Public Instagram accounts can share reels with the global Instagram community via the Instagram Explore page.

Why should marketers be using Instagram Reels?
Social networks are competing for consumer attention. Lately, Instagram has become an all-in-one sales tool that allows brands to sell products, communicate with their audience and create interactive content. Instagram Reels give your brand an opportunity to be more creative and authentic with your audience.

What should I create?
If you want your videos to stand out, it is essential to create distinctive and relevant content. Videos thrive when they include trending hashtags or popular challenges that invite the audience to participate. Trending hashtags increases the chances your video will be found. Content that invites users to participate increases the chances your content will be shared.

The popularity of Instagram Reels is increasing every day. More and more brands are joining in. At MediaSpark, we understand the pressures of creating content that stands out.

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