At MediaSpark, we love two things: Helping Omaha businesses develop amazing advertising campaigns, and the holiday season!

That’s why we put together this quick overview of three high-impact advertising strategies your local business can use this holiday season to generate new revenue, find new customers, and grow!

If you’re looking for a spark of advertising inspiration, check out these 3 clever advertising strategies, perfect for the holiday season:

     1. Tap into customer loyalty

At MediaSpark, we tell our clients there’s absolutely nothing more valuable than your loyal repeat customers. And we’ve got the data to prove it!

In 2021, 61% of holiday shoppers joined a loyalty program just to receive discounts on their items. In fact, 68% of surveyed customers said product discounts are the #1 reason they join loyalty programs. And get this— 81% of consumers shopping this past holiday season shopped with a specific brand because they belonged to that company’s loyalty program.

Loyalty programs don’t just attract new customers and encourage purchasing, they also keep your best customers coming back season after season!

If you don’t already have a rewards program, consider launching one this holiday season. You’ll give your customers one more reason to choose your product or service when it’s time to make a purchase.

     2. Launch a creative and timely campaign

If you’re utilizing paid ads, content marketing, or email marketing, create a holiday-themed campaign that positions your product or service as the perfect solution for this season.

Here are a few examples of seasonal campaigns you can try:

  • Write a handful of blogs that describe how your product or service is just what your customer needs to make the holiday season brighter
  • For November and December, publish a series of social media posts about the holiday season. Try showcasing your product in a festive way or highlighting your service using holiday-themed images. You can also post videos or quotes from your team members sharing their favorite holiday memories, ideas, or recommendations.
  • Replace your company logo on your profiles and website with a holiday-themed version
  • Run paid ads that frame your product or service as the go-to holiday solution, gift, or service

For local businesses here in Omaha, launching a seasonal campaign is a good way to refresh your advertising and catch the attention of your target audience.

     3. Start NOW!

Big box stores have really nailed this strategy. At these stores, it’s been Christmas since Labor Day weekend!

Customers are already beginning to look towards the holidays from late October to early November. That means, whatever strategy you choose, you should launch it early enough to generate the greatest value from your efforts.

It’s true that many shoppers are prone to last-minute decision-making. But the majority of consumers make their holiday-related purchases up to several weeks in advance. Not just gifts, but even home upgrades and professional services are purchased long before the sleigh bells ring!

 At MediaSpark, we take the guesswork out of holiday advertising

By using a data-backed advertising strategy, coupled with decades of industry expertise, we’ve helped businesses across Omaha (and beyond!) grow their revenue and reach more customers— all while maximizing their marketing budget. To partner with our team, Let’s Chat!