Who doesn’t set a New Year’s Resolution or two to help with personal growth? Many of us commit to starting regular exercise, cutting bad habits, or learning a new skill. And just as quickly as we make them, they seem to go out the window. This year, how about setting some simple resolutions for your media planning? (maybe they will be easier to keep)

1. Don’t Spread yourself (or your budget) too thin.

A fully integrated media plan has an enticing appeal for a big impact, with a smart combination of traditional brand awareness tactics and supplemented with targeted digital and lower funnel paid search tactics. However, doing ALL the things well requires sufficient budget and creative resources to support all the things. If you’re working with a limited budget, it is best to pick one or two things and do great at them.

2. Use data to effectively reach your target audience.

Building on the first resolution, use data to work smarter instead of harder. You can use hyper-targeted digital ads to eliminate wasted impressions on people who are not in your target segments. Plus, you can use data to optimize delivery to key performance metrics. Incorporate data-rich partners and tactics.

3. Schedule a mid-year assessment now, to ensure you don’t just set it and forget it.

The biggest mistake that you can make with media is to set it and forget it. Even the best laid out plan might need to be tweaked or changed mid-year. Put a meeting on the books now for June to elevate what is working and what is not.

4. Attend a virtual webinar on digital media.

Digital and social media are constantly evolving. The amount of information and options can be overwhelming. It is important to stay well-informed so that you can ask the right questions and choose the best partners. Find a virtual webinar or conference to register for this year.